Amayah Love

My dear readers, I apologize for this long overdue announcement. The day after my last post discussing some fears of birth, I went into labour!

I’ll give you some quick details, along with a promise that I’m making lots of little notes throughout the day, and when I have more time I’m excited to write all about becoming a 2nd time mom, and what it’s like as a first time mom helping my firstborn adjust.

Two weeks ago, at 6:42 a.m., after 36 hours of labour, I gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Amayah Love. Amayah is Hebrew and means “close to God”, and Love is English and means “full of love”. This is our prayer for our daughter that she will be one who is close to God, and full of love to give, and full of love that she has received.

Again in a single moment our lives were changed. I watched my husband melt away to almost nothing at the sight of his little girl. (I actually called him a baby hog, as I barely got to hold her after she was cleaned up!)

I better stop before I start writing too much (I have a chance to shower, so I really should take it). Truly, I am excited to have time to process a lot of this adventure with you…so it will become a priority soon enough!



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