Second Time Mom: The First Ten Days


I’m sure I’ve said a hundred times since coming home from the hospital:

“I love being a second time mom!”

This time around has been a much more relaxed and enjoyable experience. My baby blues from my first birth and my uncertainty as a new mom, is starting to become a positive memory as I see how much I grew from that.

From diaper rashes, burping, and breastfeeding to lack of sleep and mysterious cries, it all seems much less daunting.

This is specifically to encourage all my first time mom readers who I have talked with over the last year and a half…you are growing as a person and a mom!

I shocked myself by telling my husband that he should go home to be with Caleb on my first night with Amayah in the hospital. There would not have been a chance of Andrew leaving me the first time as I cried the whole night!

Baby girl did cry most of her first and second night (just like her brother), but through praying for strength and reminding myself of how short a season this is, we made it through with no tears and little anxiety.

If one thing did surprise me about the second time birth experience, it was the after pains. They were extremely overwhelming for me, and on the day they peaked I felt like I was in labour all over again. I was very thankful to still have my husband at home to help with the two kids and be emotionally supportive to me. But just as quickly as they came, so they left again, and that’s already more than a week ago that they vanished.

Now when it comes to my beloved firstborn, he is still stretching me everyday! I feel just as uncertain with him right now as I did when he was a newborn. The poor kid has struggled with his new little sister. He swings from smothering her with love and kisses, to smacking her in the head.

I look at this picture to remind myself that there is hope for them to get along eventually!


With Caleb I have found myself swinging from being furious at him for trying to hurt his sister, to feeling terrible that he has to go through this life transition.

It has created lots of opportunities for me to explain to Caleb about expressing his feelings. The biggest breakthrough I have seen with him is his ability to simply tell me when he needs a hug. He’ll come reach up to me and say “hug mama”, and usually a meltdown over his sister is avoided.

This verse has been comforting to me during this transition.

I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me. No wonder my heart is glad, and I rejoice. My body rests in safety.

Psalm 16:8-9

This fairly positive account sums up my first ten days. In future posts I will talk about baby blues the second time, which I experienced Day 11 onward from time to time, as well as my birth experience!

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