Loving Him

Where to start? I guess I could say that it’s been too long…but I haven’t had anything to say, nor the time to say it. Life’s been tough. Tiring. Even depressing at times. Friends have told me it will get better, but better often seems further than worse.

I’ve asked who I am again, and the answers always seem wrapped up in dirty diapers, pukey laundry and frozen pizzas. Simply falling short over and over.

As I’ve considered the purpose of my life, and my blog again lately, I came up with the probably temporary tagline. “Loving Jesus through marriage and motherhood.” 

I think that is the most simplistic, back to basics way I can sum up my daily goal at the moment. Just managing to continue loving Jesus through everything marriage and motherhood is throwing at me right now.

No matter how far away I am from my own expectations of myself and how disappointed my family might be in me for snapping yet again (honestly, baby number two has made feel crazier)…I can’t stop loving Jesus. It’s the only thing that matters.  HE is the only thing that really matters.

Right now I don’t even feel like I can do that much for him…but let it never be said that I stopped loving him.

Let it never be said that YOU stopped loving him.


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