Protecting the Peace

ProtectingPeaceIt started out as a really good day. We all had breakfast, my husband left for work, and the kids and I got a lot accomplished in one morning. As afternoon naps came I was feeling like supermom with the cupboards that had been organized, the laundry that had been done and my well planned frugal grocery trip. I was tired and ready for rest.

As Murphy’s Law would have it, one napped and the other cried, so there went my break. I was tired, annoyed and felt like I need to get supper cooked and muffins baked to freeze for the upcoming school year, since I wasn’t going to rest anyway.

I guess you could say things began to unravel quickly as our A/C didn’t keep up with the stove, combine with it being +33 Celsius outside.

Amayah’s second nap came and she wouldn’t sleep again. She screamed and my son yelled at me about how he was entitled to a TV  show if it was her nap time.

The house was scorching, I was exhausted and the kids cranky and bored. Not a good combination.

My husband walked in the door after his own long day and didn’t exactly receive a very nice welcome.

This did not set the best tone for our evening.

Needless to say the end of the day came with very little peace, relaxation or joy.

Our home usually enjoys nice evenings together, even if they consist of chores and crying kids. We just like to be together.

What happened to the peace?

A bad day can be redeemed if you learn from it, so here are three things that God showed me we need to protect the peace.

  1. Physical Affection is a MUST. Each member of the family needs to feel loved and valued. I fell asleep that night realizing I didn’t purposefully cuddle my kids, nor did I kiss my husband once.
    Application: Slow down. Give hugs and kisses.
  2. Praise and Worship is a MUST. I love teaching broadcasts, silence and fun music, but for the first time in a long while I didn’t turn worship music on, and the atmosphere of giving praise to Jesus was missing.
    Application: Turn your family’s eyes on Jesus through music. Sing and dance in your kitchen. He is worthy.
  3. Planning less work is a MUST. The cupboard that is cleaned out or the muffins that ware baked aren’t worth throwing us into a tale spin. Yes, things need to get done, but perhaps groceries, supper and only two loads of laundry were what we could handle that day.
    Application: Less is more. Less work equals more quality family time.

While no muffins means no muffins, no family time means a lot more than just no family time. It leaves kids feeling insecure, wives feeling under appreciated and husbands not wanting to come home.

We need to actively protect the peace in our homes and model healthy families to a world with no peace


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