My sixteen year old baby



I had a bit of an emotional week. My baby sister got her license. Her and I are nine years apart, and the amazingly cute little girl on the far left of the photo is her. She was my baby.

Being the oldest you naturally think you’re the second mom (or as I’m learning with my oldest child, the second dad). My other sisters would describe me as simply bossy…and I was. But I love those girls more than they can know.

I was doing pretty good with her borrowing our SUV and going out, until I was standing there holding my REAL baby girl, watching my childhood baby girl drive away. The feeling of Amayah in my arms flashed me back to holding Emma at the same age.

That’s when I got choked up and thought “okay, life can slow down.”



We’ve both grown up a lot from that first photo, a somewhat obsessed eleven year old gymnast and a toddler.

This was just a good opportunity for me to think about how much I love my sister, and also how much I want to treasure my kid’s childhood. It’s going really, really fast. And it scares me a bit.



This was Emma with Caleb as a newborn. She hadn’t met him yet, so we drove to surprise her on her birthday and introduce the two of them. We had no idea then what good friends they would be now.



Wow, she definitely grew up between my two babies being born.



See what I mean about them growing too fast? We’ve almost had our little lovely for six months, which feels like two months! And don’t get me started on Caleb. Weren’t they JUST born?

Okay I think I’ve had my fill of crying for a while!

Reminiscing is so important because it reminds us of the beautiful people God has blessed us with and how we cannot take them for granted.

The three babies in my life are growing too fast (yeah, the one is now sixteen), but I’m aging at the same rate (yikes).

So with this perspective, I’m going to go have an awesome weekend with my family, loving and holding them.

Enjoy the ones you hold dear and celebrate their lives this weekend!

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