She’s A Happy Girl Now

994010_10153241882095431_2053059749_nWe’re four days away from dedicating our angel girl Amayah Love, or sometimes called Mayah Lovely, to the Lord. Our journey with her so far has been a very special one and something I am already so thankful for, though it started out a little rough.

Two months ago I wrote this post talking about her crying fits and possible colic. I was so on the fence with depression. My husband confronted me for the first time asking if I was as depressed as I seemed to him.

I didn’t realize how down I was. I thought I was managing ok, but crying all the time and snapping constantly at everyone wasn’t, and isn’t, who I am.

The next day we had supper with some friends who has just come back from California. We were so excited to see them. Amayah cried through the whole thing. We took turns bouncing her while eating, and she still cried.

We got the kids to bed and sat down with our friends, ready to finally catch up, but my emotions started to overflow. Everything felt so disappointing.

The couple laid hands on us that night and prayed against an oppression or depression that might be trying to invade our home. Then they prayed over Amayah, and her digestive system and asked God to move powerfully on her behalf.

Words of hope and life were spoken that night and I felt more at peace and full of God’s love than I had since before my second birth.

The next morning we got up with our girl and she didn’t scream. She didn’t need to constantly be held. For a moment, she almost seemed content.

From that day onward we only saw improvement with her.

I’ve also only seen improvement in myself. That cloud that I felt like I couldn’t escape, dissipated and the light of the Son started to shine down on me.

So this is my public thanks to God after you’ve all heard the negative. He gets the glory in sickness and health, in crying and contentment. It’s all for Him.

I’m so excited to stand before our church family on Sunday and commit to raising Amayah in the way of the Lord. I’ve already made so many mistakes with her, and her brother, but at the end of the day I’m committed to starting over and refocusing on Jesus Christ

It’s never too late to dedicate yourself and your child to the Lord. He is always waiting for the opportunity to strengthen and encourage you.

We’re going to have a party after church because we can’t even begin to express how outrageously thankful we are that our yummy little pumpkin princess was added to our family. She has already started shaping our character and improving our lives.

We’re pretty crazy about her.

One thought on “She’s A Happy Girl Now

  1. So great to hear of the improvement Monica! AND how God walked you through that season in your life. What an encouragement. 🙂

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