Mid Year Check Up

goal-setting-300x294Unbelievably, October is upon us. This year is flying by so quickly, it’s scaring me! 2013 has been another big one of change and growth.

So as everything pumpkin is welcomed into our house and the fall schedule is kicking in, I find it be a very motivating time of year.

There are natural rhythms that cause us to reevaluate where we are at in organization, health, personal and relational growth. For me the two biggest times are at New Year’s and in the fall.

You may remember I set some goals for 2013 in this post. I wanted to touch base and let you know how I’m doing, and hopefully encourage you to find your goals and give yourself a “check up”.

It usually doesn’t take much to get back on track!

After reviewing my goals I’ve missed almost every single “personal goal” but have managed to follow through or am on the right track on all my others.

This is a bit of a reminder to me that I’m better at sticking to things that affect other people, i.e. my marriage, my kids, my finances, but I need to put some extra work into what’s beneficial to me.

I’m going to take this an opportunity to tweak my personal goals and see if I’m not getting them done because they’re unrealistic, I have changed, or I’m simply not making the time.

Here are my original personal goals:

So with the Life Journal Reading Plan, I felt like God led me in another direction and I have been learning a lot through reading the minor prophets (I’m currently in Hosea) and studying Proverbs 31 in a little more depth.

However…I’m slacking on that. I do believe I need to be in God’s Word every single day, and I haven’t been. This needs to be a priority.

I haven’t made the time to go through the Power of a Praying Wife or Parent. Looking back I can see I set myself up for failure. I was doing too many sections of it in one day. That was good for the season God had me in, but now I’m feeling I just need to recommit to doing one reading from each and praying them through.

Dance. Does dancing in my kitchen count? I’m going to change this one to simply getting exercise daily. Next year might be a good one to enroll in an adult dance program.

Here’s what the updated personal goals look like:

  • Spend time in God’s Word everyday. Even for two minutes.
  • Do ONE section from Power of a Praying Wife and Parent, 5 days a week.
  • Do some kind of exercise everyday (dancing with my kids does count!)

How did your goals hold up over the last 9 months? We still have three more months to redeem them!


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