Life Glue

Since our trip to California, my lady has not slept well. Since our weekend away at a youth retreat, my lovely doesn’t sleep longer than an hour, except between 4 am and 7 am.

I am tired.

I was feeling pretty discouraged.

In the middle of my day, I literally cried out “Jesus, I really need you right now” after my son poured almost entire bottle of hazelnut coffee creamer into his cheerios, and the sticky mess was quickly flowing all over the floor.

In that moment He gave me strength, courage and life.

Mark Driscoll posted yesterday:

The worst day with Jesus is better than the best day without him.

I started thinking about how much more overwhelming today would have been without Jesus. How my exhaustion would probably be leading me to crazier things without Jesus.

Then I started thinking about how my whole life would have been without Jesus.

The emptiness and despair that has been avoided is overwhelming to think about.

I started singing a Chris Tomlin song, and then my son started singing it, and we were singing over and over “Thank you God for saving me!”

Why am I saying all this? Because I know that you are facing difficult situations too. 

Maybe you know Jesus, but you haven’t asked him for strength, or had a conversation in a while.

Maybe you have never met my Jesus. He is truly the kindest, most compassionate, forever faithful and trustworthy Savior?

You don’t want to spend another day of your life apart from him. He is literally the glue that holds my at times chaotic life together.

Without him I would fall apart.

Talk to him tonight. Tell him that you need his saving grace in your life and that you can’t do life without him. Invite him to make you new.

He wants to so badly. He wants to enough that he literally died for you to pay for every bad thing you’ve ever done and ever will. And then he kicked death in the face by coming back to life and is forever available for us to call out to him.

He loves you.

If you want to know more about my Jesus you can send me an email. I’d love to help you meet him.

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