Can you be a mom and help others too?


Have you felt discouraged that God can’t use you when you’re in the intense stage of little children?

The enemy knows how discouraging and lonely motherhood can be, so he tries to isolate us with lies that tell us our purpose is tied up solely in our children.

As mothers, we are called to love, raise, train up and protect our kids. But there is some powerful, I’d even say life changing about kids seeing their parents love and serve others.

Throughout this two and half year journey, I’ve experimented with different levels of walking out what God has placed on my heart.

Today I want to share with you six ways that I have found add purpose to my motherhood and show my kids what ministry is all about.

1. Plan purposeful play dates – Who do you know that needs encouragement? Who needs to learn what life with Jesus is like? Who needs a prayer partner? Who do you want to grow from? Seek out others moms who answer some of these questions.

2. Make a plan for your day but be open to God redirecting it. This can be a tough one for me since I get a tremendous amount of joy from crossing something off my list. This is actually quite simple. If you were going to take your kids to a playground, in that moment you can ask the Lord to direct you to the park where he has someone for YOU to impact.

3. Double your supper and bless someone. Be generous. Get in to the home of a new mom, pray with her and give her a meal. Ask God who in your life is having a stressful week and just needs a random act of kindness. This is extremely fulfilling if you’re giftings are serving or giving.

4. Go on a prayer drive – When we’re having a bad day, I’ve found a drive to be a quick fix. It’s a great time to hear from God and pour out my heart to him. My blog posts often come from pulling over to the side of the road and writing as fast as I can what God is downloading into my heart as my kids snore in the backseat.

5. Visit people who could be blessed by your family. We took our kids to a seniors home at Christmas through a program at our church and it was wonderful experience. The woman we met just loved babies! There might be some shut ins connected to a church or organization who’d love to have babies in their home for a little visit.

6. Dream big and set goals to get there. I am always inspired by people who dream with God and go after what He puts in their heart. You will literally empower your kids and release them to go for their dreams as they watch you go for yours. They will be blessed to be included in your ministry and can be the gateway to hearts and homes you never would have entered!

Therefore, whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone—especially to those in the family of faith.

Galatians 6:10

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