Now I know my ABCs


The days can get really hectic. You know what it’s like, the day starts out looking like it will have a general flow, and your courage to face the day is high.

Things start out ok but nap times get off, the baby can’t be put down, your other child(ren) are hungry, and then all of a sudden a million little pieces of construction paper start falling from the ceiling like confetti.

Where did it come from? Who knows – but unfortunately you still didn’t clean up the syrup from breakfast’s pancakes and you now have paper mache lamanent.

Is this starting to sound a little too specific? Well that was a fraction of today for me.

My husband and I learned a wonderful little principle to remember to give God all the glory, honour and ADORATION he is due, in the midst of whatever is going on.

Bob Hartley taught us the ABCs of Adoration, and it has been a wonderful outline for me to follow when my brain feels completely scattered and I’m just trying to hold on to a tiny piece of sanity in the Lord.

Here is an example:

Father I thank you that you are an ABUNDANT God who has more than enough of everything I need today.

You are a BEAUTIFUL Saviour who can turn my mess into a work of art.

Thank you that you are COMPASSION and I allow you to break my heart today.

You are strong to DELIVER me from the hands of my enemies, even the enemy in my head.

I know that you are ETERNAL and everything about this moment is temporal.

Thank you that you are FORGIVER and I don’t have to live in guilt for the mistakes I’ve made today.

God you are GREATER than all my fears. Give me courage Lord.

You are HOPE and my hope in you will never disappoint!

Lord, you INSPIRE me to dream.

I declare you as my JOY today regardless of circumstance.

See the pattern? Follow the alphabet!

I can’t begin to explain how this simple little exercise has broadened my view of God. I still haven’t got a great one for “X” yet, and usually ask him to use his X-RAY vision to expose my sin.

But there are other letters that I challenge myself to really grasp at telling my mighty Saviour how incredible he is. He isn’t just “forgiver”, He’s also the Father, the Faithful, full of love, finder of lost souls, forgetter of my sins and freer of my heart.

Whatever your days hold, I hope this simple pattern of the alphabet can help you keep your eyes fixed on Heaven.

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