Those things you hate.

There are a few things that can get me really fired up. I mean, they can get me really angry.

Like divorce. No, I don’t hate the people who get divorced, but I hate the destruction of families, the splitting of a union that God has joined and the impact on kids.

Like apathy. I hate it in myself. I hate it in the church. Jesus said he wants us either hot or cold. It’s the lukewarmness that he spews from his mouth.

Like insecurities. We’re powerful and free. I hate that we believe the lies of the enemy sometimes, and that we’re often immobilized by this.

Like sickness. I hate it. I don’t understand it. I don’t get why Jesus doesn’t heal some people, but I know that he does still heal today.

A wise woman named Elsie Welch once asked “What do you hate?” and then proceeded to tell us that whatever we hate is what God has made us passionate to fight against.

So I will continue to value, protect and fight for every marriage in my sphere of influence.

I will fight the apathy in my own life and disciple those in my sphere to be passionate, uncompromising lovers of Jesus.

I will continue to speak truth over myself and others, rebuking the insecurities that try to hold us back.

I will continue to pray for the sick. I will see many recover. I may seem some not. But I will never stop praying for healing.

What do you hate? Here in lies your passion.

What do you hate

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