The music in it all.





Do these sounds get you moving?

Sudden loud noises have never been a favourite to our firstborn. I had to always warn him if the vacuum or coffee grinder was being turned on.

Because of this I naturally did it with my daughter too, always warning her if I was going to do something loud.

There are always a difference right off the start. She would laugh.

When she learned to clap, she would applaud the obnoxious coffee grinder.

Suddenly she learned to dance, and then every sudden, loud, quiet, nice, horrible noise because music to her swaying little body. Nothing made her move like the sound of a table saw.

As I look at how this lady has brightened our world and added value to our lives I can sum it up like this.

She finds the music in it all. What my ears hears as annoying, her ears hear as music. Then her body finds the beat.

Some pretty stressful situations have been diffused by her laughing, clapping and dancing at a time when I just dropped a bunch of pots on my foot. My son has never liked the carwash, but now that she hears the music in the spray, he loves it too.

Just last week I freaked Caleb out by suddenly turning on the coffee grinder. As he jumped he started laughing “oh mommy, Goosie’s dancing again!” (Goosie is her nickname that came from all the times we called her silly goose.)

Sometimes this gift can slow her down (it’s hard to splash as fast as your brother when you dance to the music you’re creating), but it never steals her joy. In fact I have never seen someone get double enjoyment out of so many

I didn’t get the importance of all this until Amayah was dancing to the train whizzing by and my husband said “that girl can sure hear the music in it all.”

Then I got it. The nugget of truth held within her beautiful dancing soul.

We can learn to hear the music and find something good to dance to, even when all you think you hear is chaos. In the midst of our difficult circumstances, we can pull out a piece of good and thank the Lord for it, and then hold on to that with all your might and dance on truth when discouragement tries to steal your song.

But let all who take refuge in you rejoice; let them sing joyful praises forever. Spread your protection over them, that all who love your name may be filled with joy. (Psalm 5:11)

Don’t let anything steal your song.


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