Treasuring Eli

Unless you are one of my personal friends, you may not have heard that we had our baby just over two weeks ago!

Tuesday, October 28th at 3:45 p.m. we welcome a beautiful little boy named Eli.

It’s hard to believe it’s now been over two weeks since that day. There are so many little things that I have been treasuring. I feel like Mary, the mother of Jesus, as it was said “she stored up all these things in her heart.”

Seeing my older two kids meet their baby brother, although a little stressful administrating who got to hold him, felt like Christmas morning. I could hardly wait to see their reactions, and they didn’t disappoint! 10432933_10154737644570431_7235834682934578742_n

Amayah’s initial elation and maternal instinct has cooled a little as she processes not being the baby anymore.

While I’m still recovering and getting stronger after losing a significant amount of blood after delivery, there are many little things that I’m enjoying once again.

Like coffee. Oh I forgot how good coffee that doesn’t give you heartburn or increased nausea tastes.

Or giving hugs without a rock hard belly in the way, I haven’t felt miles away from my husband or kids.

Like the smell of a sweet newborn and their unbelievably soft skin.

When I was pregnant with Eli, the Lord told me he was going to be my “peace baby”. I had a lot of fear around having another baby after dealing with a fussy second born. So far he seems to be the fulfilment of that promise.

Having Eli has been a beautiful reminder to slow down. Not feeling strong has actually been a blessing. I’ve sat in my comfy leather wingback chair and cuddled each of my kids as long as they’ll let me. unnamed

A beautiful peace, like the soft snowflakes falling this morning, has descended on us during these weeks as the most important things have simply been eating, sleeping and showing our kids that we love them.

I am happy to watch baby grow up and run around with his big brother and sister, but in this amazing, beautiful, tiny newborn stage I’m simply treasuring Eli.unnamed-1

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