The Loveliest Ragamuffin

My daughter generally has hair in her eyes, that is then stuck to her forehead with lotion that she’s smeared through it. She won’t let us put any sort of clip or headband in it, and I’ve been trying to grow out her bangs long enough to tuck behind her ears.

She’s also an extremely messy eater. And she has the best bed head around. I’m not too worried about changing her clothes right when they get dirty, because she’ll simply dirty another set.

She is wonderful. She’s carefree. She loves to have fun, explore, keep up with her big brother and sometimes that means getting dirty.

I love it.

This morning, as we were getting ready for church, out walked my little ragamuffin from her room, and honestly she was a mess. Her pajamas were soaked from her cereal, her bedhead was out of control, she had pooped her diaper, and it smelt terrible.

“Come here, lovely.” I said to her without thinking.

Then I heard it, clear as day. A word from the Lord right in that moment.

“That’s what I call you no matter what you look like too. No matter what your heart, mind, soul or body looks or smells like. You are lovely.”unnamed-2

It may not sound profound, but it was this realization that I know my daughter IS lovely, always, regardless or anything in her life. And likewise, I am lovely and captivating in the eyes of my heavenly Father.

No matter what.

No matter how discouraged I get with my post partum, stretched marked body.

No matter whether I manage to get ready for the day, make up on or off.

No matter if I think terrible thoughts about someone.

No matter whether I’ve prayed or read my bible.

No matter what.

I am lovely. I am His. I am like a jewel in His crown. That’s my standing. I just AM those things.

You are lovely. You are His. You are like a jewel in His crown. That’s your standing. You just ARE those things.


And nothing can change it.

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