Talk about multitasking.

Just the other day we had the opportunity to sit down with a young couple and their two kids who have recently been called into missions and are leaving to another continent in May. Their story is unreal.

They are so radically obedient they are giving up their entire western lifestyle and heading off to make sure that people across the world know Jesus.

They are being transformed by Him.

That same day we had supper with a guy pouring his entire life out in Quebec, the arctic and Africa (a little bit of a temperature difference). He told us stories of people who are literally getting set free by the power of Jesus, and turning from things like self harm into loving relationships with Jesus Christ.

Then my phone goes off. A friend with an exciting report about how God is speaking to them in big ways, leading them on a mission’s trip they hadn’t been expecting, but the Lord is just suddenly providing and sending them into.

He has that person’s heart in a new way.

Then there is the incredible guy in our life that went to a young adults conference and got ROCKED by the Holy Spirit, who totally called him out on how he was living his life. He is getting BAPTIZED in two weeks!

God literally grabbed a hold of his life, brought him peace, hope and joy in a moment from a place of sadness, discouragement and despair.

Can I go on?

Here comes an email to my inbox. God just an answered a prayer by speaking to a girl to go lead a team of teens, when we thought we were going to have to convince people to step up to this.

I haven’t even mentioned what’s going on in my own house.

10807112_10155290351110431_2068276134_nMy own little boy has fallen in love with a special family. He comes home from spending the evening with them and tells me God has a last name. What is it? I asked.

“It’s Kevin”, he said, “God Switzer Kevin”.

Sounds funny, but guess what? Jesus is literally showing my son his incredible love through another person who is simply being obedient to the call of Christ.

And middle name Switzer? He sees God at work in our family. Praise Jesus, because some days I wonder what’s really going on with us and raising our kids.

Um, God, how are you doing it all? Orchestrating all this crazy stuff all over the earth?

I have no idea how he keeps up, but I do know there is nothing more fun, radical or crazy than being a part of the Kingdom of the Living, Mighty, Powerful, All Knowing, All Sufficient, Unstoppable, Forever Reigning, God.

His government and its peace will never end. He will rule with fairness and justice from the throne of his ancestor David for all eternity. The passionate commitment of the LORD of Heaven’s Armies will make this happen!

Isaiah 9:7


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