Love, Marriage & Water Slides

For the last five years I’ve said no to almost anything fun or adventurous and let Andrew make the memories with the kids old enough to participate.

Yesterday Grandma and Grandpa agreed to take baby, so I was free to join Andrew, Caleb and Amayah at the water slides.

Up until this summer I’ve either been pregnant or had a newborn.

At first I hated sitting things out, but as time went on, I became comfortable just sitting on the sidelines.

Yesterday I had to consciously decide to really “dive” in and experience water sliding with my kids.Centre2

It was so fun! I loved riding down with them and seeing our brave they were. I felt connected to them and loved in a new way.

But the big test for me was when my husband pushed me to go down some of the bigger slides with him while his siblings watched our kids.

I was scared. What felt like decades ago I went down slides like this and did crazy things, but recently? No way.

My heart was pumping.

Thankfully, I had pre decided to take advantage of any chance I had to be with Andrew, so I went with him.

Standing at the top of the first slide, I felt myself starting to panic. Wasn’t there a baby that needed to breastfeed or something!?waterslide

I jumped on that tube and flew down the slide.


After the first one, I was hooked. We were laughing and running back up that hill!

After just fifteen minutes together, I felt more in love than ever.

Halfway up for slide number three, I was soaked head to toe with make up running down my face.

“Wow, you’re cute.” He said, in almost a rediscovering way.

Shared fun has a way of reminding us of who we are, away from screaming kids, bills and big decisions.

We work together a lot. I might be biased, but I think we make an incredible team, whether it’s as parents, pastors, renovators, or whatever other things we’ve tackled together.

But there isn’t always a ton of fun.

Today, I am basking in the afterglow of those few trips down the water slide with Andrew, and scheming as to when our next fun date is going to be.

Sometimes your relationship needs a marriage book or a long conversation. And other times, you just need a water slide.

May we as mothers always be willing to throw off that hat and be the fun woman that we once were, or actually, still are, just under a couple of layers.

Here’s to more laughs, years of adventure and many scary water slides!

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