On a high note!

The end of the year brings this beautiful opportunity for closure for one season and anticipation for the next.

I’m all about reflection and growth in December. Not only is it Christmas and a new year, but my birthday also lands on the 30th day of the last month.

We practice sharing our highs and lows everyday as a family. Sometimes we want to focus on either just the negative or positive depending on our personality, but I think there is tremendous benefit to realistically acknowledging how life has been!

Here are a few of my highs from 2015 (I’ll save the lows for tomorrow).

  1. Speaking at retreats with my husband.
    We had the terrifying honour of speaking at two youth retreats this year.

    I say terrifying because honestly, we were freaking out. Well, me more more than Andrew. God had told me I needed to be brave in 2015, and he definitely pushed me!

    Some sessions we co-spoke while others we did separately. It was a blast to serve together in such a unique setting. These events stretched us beyond what we thought we were capable of and we fell more in love with Jesus.12239470_10156184314670431_2283361315548503621_n.jpg

  2. My Fitness Journey
    After I gave birth to Eli, I knew he was my last biological baby. I really wanted to work hard on getting my health on track so I could continue to live a active and influential life style.

    I had no idea the journey God took me on this year until last week when he laid it all out for me. He gave me a kick start in January when I signed up for an in town class and an online challenge group, then led me to Holy Yoga and some free online classes through the summer.

    In September I discovered Revelation Wellness, where I learned the powerful phrase “weigh less to feed more”, the principle of being in shape to minister more effectively (spiritually feed others).

    Once I had my foundation right and I wasn’t vainly seeking “a perfect body”, he led me into a more intense season of exercise with an eating plan.

    I haven’t successfully followed through a year of exercise until this year, and I know that I didn’t do it on my own. I still have a way to go, but I feel confidently on the right track.

    Be encouraged, HE CAN HELP YOU DO THIS! Maybe one of these tools I found will be a support to you!1bc655a82f07515928916c11dcbdb3db

  3. Watching My Kids Grow
    This was our first full year as a family of five. Each of our kids have had a big developmental year.

    Caleb is excelling in school and initiates going deeper in his learning at home. He had a goal to count to 100, which he succeeded in, and he writes many words and is beginning to recognize words as he seeks to read.

    Amayah really turned a corner in her speech and hearing all the adorable things on her mind is so fun. She is in love with her doctor and daily reminds us “Actually, yesterday, I had an owie on my finger and the doctor fixed it!”

    Eli has grown into a wild ball of energy who runs around all over the house, taking anyone out who stands in his way! He has some favourite words: cup, car, cat, GO, mama, dada, and uh oh!

    We went two places as a family this year that my kids still talk about all the time. The Meander Creek Pumpkin Patch and the Manitoba Children’s Museum. 

    pumpkin patch


    What were your highs for 2015? I would LOVE to hear them! Share in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter!


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