How Low Can You Go?

To those of you who have known 2015 to be the most painful year of your life, I pray for you, that in the midst of your personal tragedy, the Lord would show you how he has been working and give you great hope for the future!

These each started as lows and then turned into highs as I reflected on them!

  1. Emma’s Grad 
    We had our last graduation in my family this past June. It was special on a number of levels as Emma had lived with our family for two years, and she had asked my son Caleb to be her escort.

    The morning of grad we received a text that Emma was really sick and in the hospital. The prognosis looked serious, and I sat with her that day and wept and prayed over her body.

    She improved enough to go to grad, but with hardly a moment to spare before the ceremony!

    She laid in her hospital bed as I did her make up, then some wonderful friends helped me finish her hair and get her finalized at home.

    After her ceremony, making a speech and greeting her guests,  she suddenly looked like she was going to faint and then went back to the hospital.

    It did not go the way we expected and I was heartbroken for her, but everyone pulled together in such a beautiful way, and Emma ended her high school career with great courage and positivity!

    On the right: I was bawling my eyes out as this beautiful woman walked out of the room, IV port and all!
    On the left: Caleb walking his sweet auntie out of grad.

  2. Amayah Breaking Her Collar Bone
    Our daughter fractured her collar bone at camp, and it honestly was a horrible 24 hours. She screamed and cried in an absolute panic. The first night she had terrible nightmares from the pain. I didn’t think we would survive the next few weeks.

    The next morning a group of people prayed over her and she went from extreme pain to instantly climbing out of the stroller and flagging in worship! She experienced a significant healing that day!Amayah.JPG
    This picture was just days after fracturing her collar bone. She was told it would be painful for weeks! Thank you Jesus!

  3. Our 5th Anniversary
    Andrew had arranged people to take care of our kids on our anniversary and had planned a little getaway for us. We ended up both getting the stomach flu shortly after arriving in the city and spent the whole night throwing up in a beautiful hotel room. Super disappointing.

    How is this also a high? We didn’t have three kids to take care of that night. I honestly don’t think we would have been able to!

  4. Sleep 
    So here is where some of you might sigh and go “yeah, I haven’t slept in years either!”.  And that’s ok, but really, not sleeping is a bit of a low isn’t it? So let’s take a moment to grieve no sleep, and then move on with our lives!

    2015 is the first year since becoming a mom that I haven’t had at least one night of six consecutive hours of sleep. There was ONE night where Eli had a good sleep and Amayah then cried for hours from her two year old molars.

    While there have been breaking points during the year where I’ve felt I can’t go on if I don’t get some extra sleep, over all the positive has been that I’m learning to do so much on so little, imagine how effective I’ll be when I can sleep a little more at night!!  1936474_10156324735250431_3341511680449917674_n

What lows did you experience? Can you see God’s hand at work in the midst of the pain?

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