Monkey, Goose & Bear

Did you have a name as a child that reflected an animal? Or perhaps you’ve referred to your baby as some kind of cute, cuddly animal?

That’s what my husband and I have done with each of our kids. Not really on purpose, each name has kind of rolled off the tongue as we’ve held them and observed their personalities.

Our firstborn, has always been our monkey. He was a skinny little baby and I remember when we would put him in his bouncer, his scrawny little legs would jump up and down, and he’d laugh so hard, just like a little monkey!

Our second, a beautiful girl definitely didn’t look like a goose as a baby! But she would make funny faces and we’d coo at her and call her a “silly goose”, which then evolved into “goosie” and “goosie girl”. For awhile she thought her full name was: Amayah Goosie.

And our baby…the one who has been my baby bear since day one. I knew he would be the last that I birthed and he has been treasured every step. We call him baby Bear, E-Bear, or simply Bear. He was soft and cuddly like a teddy bear as a baby and now he has grown up to be a rough and growly almost two year old bear.

I was sharing this with a friend of mine and how I would love to have a picture done of these three in their little animals. I had also read that butterflies were a symbol of hope and since I had nicknamed our future adopted child “baby Hope”, I felt a butterfly was fitting to represent the baby.

Some time went past and I had commissioned that same friend to do a piece for an area in my kitchen that I was decorating as a coffee bar.

When we got the package home that was supposed to have just contained the coffee sign, we pulled out this picture that absolutely took my breath away.the kids as animals

She captured so many little details about my kids. How Caleb loves to dress up, wear bow ties and represents excellence and passion.

How Amayah, our little lovely, is a princess and loves pink, and of course she would be wearing a flower crown! She beautifies the world around her with the love that she carries.

And Eli’s little tuft of red hair and his carefree personality who is just so happy when he gets to be apart of his big siblings.

Then there is the butterfly. Sparkling with gold, like a promise from heaven. Hope hovers in the sky and Caleb is the one who has his eye on it. If I ever seem to forget or slip to someone “we’re done having kids”, he always jumps in and tells them that now we are adopting and is the one to pray about the baby that Jesus will give us to care for.close up kids as animals

These kids are such a gift and I am so thankful for the surprise my friend Nicole gave to me. I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into another side of our family! Thank you for journeying with us!

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