Spurred on.

I stared down at the steam rising from my cup. This extra hot, unsweetened, fat free latte had been a long time coming.

“I’m happy you finished the course, but I’m disappointed in myself.” I whispered.

Almost a year ago we had signed up to take the course that would make us licensed members with the fellowship of churches we serve with.

It had been a hard, busy year. Just months earlier I had finally weaned my toddler who couldn’t go a few minutes around me without whining to nurse.

“It’s ok babe, you’ve still done a lot. And I’m sure they would grant you an extension if you explain.”

I was jealous that Andrew had worked hard and just got the course done.

“But that’s the thing. I won’t get it done. What would the extension be? Til Christmas? That’s our busiest semester at the church….” I trailed off. He already knew what our schedule looked like once fall hit.

A couple of people trickled in to the small town coffee shop that we had ditched our kids and drove to.

The weight on my chest of leaving something so big like this unfinished was suffocating. I worked hard to show that I was just as committed  to pastoring this church. 

“I have finish this course. I don’t know how. Or when. But eventually I will.” This was said weakly, more in faith that one day I’d have a little more time.

The best espresso in South East Saskatchewan was sipped in silence for a couple of moments. I had ruined his celebratory statement a few minutes before that he had sent all his papers in.

“You know what!” He said suddenly. “You still have time. You still have some weeks left to get this done. Yeah, you had a whole year. So, what? Buckle down, make some sacrifices and cross this off your list before we go on holidays!”

I was shocked. Was he pushing me? I had expected simply to be encouraged to that it was ok if I didn’t finish and then we would move on.

“You have nothing to prove, and you don’t have to earn your ministry. This is between you and God. And you started this. You can finish it. Your voice is needed and if you get licensed you can vote, and you can have a say. Do we believe in the future of this organization or not?”

I was stunned. 

‘Uh, I guess you’re right. I’d have to think about it. I hadn’t even thought that it was possible to get it done now.”

We drove home that night and his words kept ringing in my heart. He really believed I could do it. He knew it would be a challenge, but my husband’s faith was completely in my ability to get this done.

I shot awake. I looked at my phone. 4:00 a.m. The house was quiet. No one was crying or needing mom. It was our day off.

I laid back down on my pillow. Why am I awake? I wondered.

My mind filled with Andrew’s words the night before and the Lord whispered to my heart. “Here’s a window of time, let’s do a paper.”

That morning I got a gigantic portion of my course done as my whole family slept in later than they had in a while.

I was filled with hope. Was there a chance that I could actually complete this?

The next few weeks I zeroed my focus in and to my surprise, I finished it a few days before the due date.

I have thought back often to the time at the coffee shop where I excepted to be soothed and instead I was spurred on.

The Lord brings us together not simply to comfort and enjoy each other, but to actually push each other on towards greatness in our lives! The Bible talks about this concept and how we need to push each other in our relationships. Sometimes the best thing we can do is spur each other on!

 And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.

Hebrews 10:24


{plowing through was so worth it for this holiday.}

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