A New Teacher

The morning after our family Kindergarten information session at the table, (you know, the one where Amayah buried her face in her hands), I was sitting by myself on the couch before anyone else was awake.

I had tiptoed ever so quietly down the stairs that morning, started the coffee, and grabbed out my “1000 gifts” journal. My heart was still full of all the confusing emotions of the day before.

155. Friends in Caleb’s class.

156. Seeing Amayah’s emotion over Caleb going to school. She loves him.

157. Debriefing our separate days when the kids fell asleep.

I open the bible and start receiving fresh manna from the book of Romans, Passion Translation.

I hear a creak. Footsteps. A blanket dragging down the stairs.

I know who it is. My son who insists on sleeping only in underwear and then is freezing cold in the morning wrapped up in his comforter.

“Hey bud. How’d ya sleep?” Caleb crawled onto the couch and laid his head on my lap. I stroked his hair.

“God talked to me all night about my new teacher.” He said confidently.

He had been thrown the night before to hear that the teacher he thought he was going to have wasn’t going to be after all. I knew he had hidden his concern, his eyes had said it all.

I asked what God told him.

“He said, ‘Don’t worry. I knew who your teacher would be before you were even born to your mom. She’s awesome, and I know that you’re going to love her. I’m excited for you!’”

I watched as the perfect peace of Jesus had washed over him as he spoke out those words.

I choked back my tears and sipped my coffee. The Lord cares about my boy even more than I do.

“Wow, Caleb. God loves you so much, hey? He knew you were feeling concerned about this. Well, mommy has peace too then because if God picked her for you then it’s going to be an amazing year!”

He whispered his new teacher’s name to himself a few times and smiled.

We sat there for a few moments, his head on my lap, me stroking his cheek.

I made a mental note:

158. Sitting here with Caleb.

159. A fan humming gently in the background.

160. Jesus telling Caleb he hand picked his teacher.

“Mom, can you make me some oatmeal?”

“Good idea bud. I’d love to.”

161. Hot oatmeal on a cool August morning.

mom and caleb


{we always spy on the school when we go by.}

2 thoughts on “A New Teacher

  1. Monica, I wish I could spend time with you and your precious children. Keep walking where God leads.

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