Building A Front Door

One day while driving around a new development looking at homes, I realized what felt so weird about our recently purchased fixer upper.

“It has no front door!” I excitedly told Andrew. We had stood outside the house so many times trying to figure out why it didn’t feel welcoming. It had a nice shape and new siding and windows. We had agonized over what felt odd.

“Oh yeah! That’s definitely it!” He agreed. We went on to talk about how to put a door in and imagine what it would look like.

This past week the small deck we had planned for the front door was built. It just needs a railing, some paint on the door and some other minor decorative touches.

The day I saw the hole in the front of the house, I was amazing. First I was astonished that my husband knew how to cut through an exterior wall, and was audacious enough to do it! Second, I couldn’t believe what I had imagined was becoming reality.

As we have pastored the last couple of years in our town, we have prayed for different people to come along to help walk out the vision. Many different jobs from welcoming visitors, to playing on worship teams to teaching Sunday School.

I’ve had a large vision, and I continue to have huge ideas. It’s who I am. I see things. I imagine. I inspire others to see what could be.

Even though I was the one who realized we needed a front door, Andrew was the one who did the hard work and made it a reality. The truth is, he was the deciding factor in making it happen.

On the flip side, I could have let the embarrassment of my lack of carpentry skills stop me from saying my idea.

As Christians, we can second guess whether our role is important. You may have asked “am I needed?”. Perhaps you don’t have a lot of vision. Maybe you love making ideas coming to life.

Wherever you fall, you NEED to know that you are important, needed and valued. Our homes, churches, communities and work places thrive when people step up to fulfill the role they were born to play.

My prayer for you today is you would be released to operate fully in the way you were crafted, designed and planned by your Maker. No more comparison, just overwhelming confidence in your Creator!14423786_10157393734215431_1291089905_o

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