Has anyone else experienced a lot of pain and loss in their circle lately? I feel like every day the last two weeks I receive a text about something devastating.

My fear has been triggered almost daily. Fear of loss, fear of heartache, fear of grief.

In the midst of these big things, we’ve been walking our five year old through the Kindergarten transition. Seemingly trivial, but unbelievably huge in his life.

We have talked a lot about how strong we are in Jesus. How in Christ we can be as bold as lions, and we have access to all his courage and might.

At Sunday school they’ve been learning “The 4 Most Important Things”, which has been almost more impacting to us as parents than to the kids.

One of those things is that our mouth establishes praise to silence the enemy.

This morning as I was doing my make up, Caleb pulled out daddy’s guitar.

School mornings that go successfully always involve him building himself up in Jesus. Singing, praying and asking us the story of his name (he loves to be reminded that he is our Wholehearted & Faithful Warrior).

“I was made for the waves. Jesus created me to worship.”

Caleb’s spontaneous song pierced my heart. I was made for the waves. waves

I knew instantly what he meant.

I was made for the trials, the hardships, the storm because I was equipped to worship victoriously through it.


What can happen in this life that I can’t worship through? Even in death Jesus has taken the sting. In what can I not give glory and praise?

In this world we WILL have troubles. But I am equipped with a weapon of worship, and nothing can stand against me!


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