Abundance at the Pumpkin Patch

“Lord, I feel like I’ve taken the Pumpkin Patch from the my kids with this clothing sale. Will you sort this out? It was such a wonderful time last year. As we give time, would you make it somewhere?”

I wrote that little prayer in journal on October 11th, a few days before the thrift sale we put on. We had planned to go to the pumpkin patch Thanksgiving Monday, but the weather wasn’t nice. The upcoming weekend was beautiful and perfect.

But we were already committed to something we believed God put on our hearts. Fear crept in that the longer we waited the worse the weather would get.We had already experienced more than one snow fall.

When we recapped 2015 with our kids, the Pumpkin Patch was the highlight, next to the Manitoba Children’s Museum in Winnipeg.

Plus, we were craving a relaxing, fun day with our three.

I read Proverbs 19:23 again.

When you life a life of abandoned love, surrendered before the awe of God, here’s what you’ll experience: Abundant life. Continual protection and complete satisfaction.

I was claiming that as we aimed to live with abandoned love, the Lord would work out the abundant life at the pumpkin patch!

This Friday was a long weekend in Manitoba so the pumpkin patch was open. This was so perfect for us since we find Saturday events hard with a service the next morning.

It was the most glorious day. The sun was perfect. Honestly, the pumpkin patch is like the ultimate opportunity to wear a cute fall outfit…and I definitely did not want to miss out on that buried in a big jacket! (I know, trivial!)


But I was able to wear exactly what I wanted all day! Complete with the best homemade hot apple cider!

Our souls needed this day, and it was perfect.

To quote the Magic School Bus “knowing what you need is half way to getting there.” 

Go for a quick family check up. Know what you need, then ask God to make it happen even if it seems you’ve ran out of opportunities!

I’m learning that giving never leads to lack. Ever. It only leads to abundance!

I declare that my kids’ will never experience lack from our decision to serve God with abandoned love!


Eli called all of the animals “cows”, just because he always gets a laugh!


We played until closing and the sun set behind us.




We spent a lot of time at the rubber duck races!


Their joy was overwhelming!


Our five year old photographer wanted to get one of Andrew and I, but Amayah is way too cute to crop out!


This slide is crazy fast!


Eli taking a break from running around. Later Caleb said “the pumpkin patch is all about running fast from one place to the other to try everything. My legs are exhausted.” They slept well!


This was Eli and Amayah’s favourite, the pumpkin train! They are in the last car with people in it.


Caleb made a friend and played in the sandbox for a very long time!

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