Raising A Missionary

raising-a-missionaryIt was already a couple of years ago that I noticed Caleb was drawn to other languages. For a girl who didn’t even take French in school, my language knowledge is very limited.

He was hungry to learn how to count, say hello, speak his name and hear other people communicate.

I felt the Lord tell me a while ago that Caleb was going to be called to the foreign mission field. My heart ached a bit. I could see the call already. The passion for people, the outgoing nature, the raw boldness for Jesus, the love of other languages, his desire to study the world map.

With Kindergarten starting, so do the many activities that we could be involved in. I’m wrestling in my heart over and over. I saw a little saying floating around on Facebook that said “we should be less worried if our kids making the team and more worried if they sit with the lonely kid in the lunchroom.”

I would rephrase my heart for Caleb to “I need to worry less about him making the team and being in lots of activities and more concerned about him being ready to walk out the call of God on his life”.

I guess that’s  a little longer and doesn’t flow as nicely.

Then a couple of weeks ago Caleb had a revelation. He came and told Andrew and I that he believes the most important thing is for people to learn how to hear’s God’s voice. He said if they can hear God’s voice for themselves, then nothing else matters.

He talked about inventing a machine that would help people hear God and then taking it all over the world to help people everywhere.

Our hearts were bursting and we told him he could help people hear God without a machine, but that perhaps God was going to give him new strategies to help people hear God.

Caleb went on to boldly declare that he would help more people around the world than could fit in a Major League Baseball Stadium.

The Lord knows this mama is going to need a solid 18 years to be prepared to send my son off.

But I remember receiving my call. I was about the same age as him. I encountered Jesus and knew I was called into full-time ministry.

I ached for an adult to affirm this call, tell me I could do, and help me get ready. I had lots of people do the first two things, but not so many to help stay the course.

Yesterday we had a missionary come to our church and speak. My son was so touched. He  came to me with a slightly broken heart.

“Mom, why hasn’t our family followed God to another country?”

I held him on my lap and let his passion seep into my heart.

“Remember honey, God spoke to mom and dad to come to this little town because he has a plan for it and he needs our family here right now. We are missionaries here. But I know God has put other countries on your heart and we can pray into what that looks like right now. Maybe we could start looking at some options for a missions trip for you?”

He was excited about that.

“Just makes sure it’s somewhere that speaks spanish, mom.”

Lord give me grace and wisdom as I raise a missionary.

“Take full advantage of every day as you spend your life for his purposes.” Ephesians 5:16 TPT

One thought on “Raising A Missionary

  1. Wow. Monica that is super exciting. On a side note. Arodi and I have some Spanish Christian material that we sell. We have still have a few bilingual spanish/English children’s story books and colouring books. We have some children’s music cds and dvds as well as adult music. Let me know if you might be interested the next time you are in the city.

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