15086980_10157668497425431_118978007_n.jpgEvery time I leave my children for an overnight trip or longer, I’ve always seemed to be at the point of absolute desperation.

Exhaustion would be so intense and my brain so foggy, the only answer seemed to be escaping.

I shared some photos last night on my blog Facebook page saying that it’s been quiet here because my husband and I have been away in the mountains for a leadership retreat.

This time we didn’t leave our kids in a state of desperation. In fact it was so hard to leave. We had finally got Caleb adjusted to school, hockey had just started, things at the church were positive but very busy and leaving seemed like the worst thing to do.

But with every mile we drove, we felt ourselves unwind. We realized this is a proactive trip. It’s not because we are desperate for intervention in our lives, it’s just to make sure we stay the course.


This morning I sit quietly in my hotel room, trying not to type too loud so I don’t wake my husband while a trains whizzes passed our window with the majestic mountains acting as a backdrop. “Peace so unexplainable” washes over me. 15050300_10157668494970431_649013379_n

Last night’s session was so powerful. I was challenged to not just do things for the sake of doing them, but to stand strong and wait for the Lord to guide. Even when the pressure is mounting and I feel like I have to act, God says he has another way. He wants to miraculously come through on the power of God not the might of men.

The Lord confirmed everything spoken last night through my devotion time this morning. I read in 2 Timothy chapter 1 so many little things that stirred in my heart.

“For God will never give you the spirit of cowardly fear, but he gives the Holy Spirit who gives you mighty power, love and a mind that has been delivered, protected and secure.” 2 Timothy 1:7 TPT

“The confidence of my calling enables me to overcome every difficulty without shame, for I have an intimate revelation of God. And my faith in him convinces me that he is more than able to keep all that I’ve placed in his hands safe and secure until the fullness of his appearing.” 2 Timothy 1:12 TPT

The Father who empowers us with his mighty Holy Spirit, confirms our call to us over and over and gives us confidence that we can trust him.

If I get anything from this week, that’s what I’m holding onto.

I pray for you that you weill experience the peaceful, powerful presence of the Holy Spirit and you would be empowered to walk in absolute courage that comes from the confidence of Jesus Christ! He has such a plan for your life! You are powerful and what you believe changes the world! In Jesus name!


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