Happy “One Year” to our little Fixer Upper!

One year ago we got possession of our new house! I can’t believe it’s been a year. This was the largest project we have ever taken on. I say WE because while Andrew renovated this house for us to move into, I had to carry a lot of extra work at the church, with the kids and at the house we were living in.

There was one point went we considered selling it half-finished because we were so stressed. That week we asked some people to pray with us and the Lord came through big time! He gave us strategies we hadn’t thought of, released more money where we thought we had run out and reminded us why we needed to do it!

I remember one time I was over at the new house helping Andrew. He had demolished a room and my job was to shovel all the gross stuff into five gallon pails and carry them outside. I don’t know how many trips I made that day, but I ended up filling three massive garbage bins and leaving with a sore back.

The little moments I was able to spend working on the house gave me a deep respect for the project Andrew was heading up. He blew me out of the water with his abilities!

In honour of this special anniversary I want to share some of the pictures from our house over the last year.

It isn’t quite finished but we are crazy close to our goal of finishing it all by December 31, 2016.


One year ago tomorrow we knocked down the wall between the then bedroom and kitchen/dining room. The kid’s loved it as we were slightly Chip & Joanna obsessed and were counting down the days to our own “demo day’!


Many cold and dark days with no heat and or lights hooked up!


The kids were troopers with the endless trips to Home Depot or Lowes.


I can’t even tell you how many times we stood up stairs re-mapping out the bedrooms. We managed to use wasted space and reconfigure the upstairs into four bedroom from three bedrooms!


The kitchen was a very exciting day! It ended up being more stressful than we imagined because our countertops, sink and finishing pieces ended up being almost five weeks late. We moved in thinking they were arrive any day.


Andrew built this island. We were at the end of our kitchen budget so he reused out old table top for the counter that we can choose to replace one day if we want to.


We raided my mom’s basement and found some old stools that Andrew cut down to counter height and painted.


Another happy day! The farm sink and counter tops arrived! It had been a long few weeks without them!


I loved this stove when I saw it in the store but it was way above our budget. We found the same one in the aisle over with a ding in it that would be easy to paint, and it was marked down by $900! I made muffins pretty much right after we got it in!


Someone else loved the farm sink almost as much as mommy!


I’ve been so happy with the “feel” of the space. It’s so cozy some days it’s hard to leave!


The latest addition to the kitchen! Subway tile back splash with charcoal grout.


This was simply a design piece that I fell in love with and it fit so perfectly in this little space beside the exposed brick.


We always enjoy hosting, whether there is still more to be done in the house or not!


The shiplap wall is one of my favourite parts of this house! Original from 1921!



It’s hard to get a good picture with Christmas lights! I’m enjoying our first Christmas season in this house.


I am so happy with the decision to paint the doors dark. I love the contrast to the white walls.


This shared the story of this front door on a previous post that you can find here.

There is still lots to do, and it’s far from perfect. There are layout flaws, mistakes we made and lots that we learned. Almost every wall has been damaged by the kids to some degree already and we gasp every time someone drags something across the new floors! But it really has been an incredible year and yet another way God has shown his faithfulness to us.

And yet another way my husband has blown me away! (You’re pretty amazing babe!)


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