3H Club

Almost every December I feel ready to quit. Ready to quit every thing. Being a mom, a wife, a blogger, a pastor, or even a functioning human being!

It’s never actually an emergency. I’m simply tired.dont-quit

I read this quote a while ago and it summed up perfectly what I’ve been learning in 2016. Rest more. Rest daily, rest weekly, rest monthly and rest yearly. I’m seeking to become proactive with rest so I don’t burn out.

While some people amp up their schedules come Christmas time, I’m seeking out rest. It might sound idyllic and easy but in a world where there is a “glorification of busy” and exterior pressures to make my Christmas list two miles long, it’s hard.

My longevity in life is going to come down to how well I can manage to rest. I’ve found that this principle works on so many levels. If I lay down for a few minutes at lunch time, I will be more productive in the afternoon. If I don’t, I will grumpily (is that a word?) haul myself through the day and just make it to bed time.

But if you know me I’m not much into surviving.

To thrive you need to grow. You need water, sun and rest. You need to exercise and sleep.

I was doing a workout the other day and I was feeling quite pushed for time and like I really didn’t have room in my schedule for it that day.

I heard the Lord whisper “How are your H’s?”.

“Umm, did I miss something? What are these ‘H’s’ you speak of?” I joked backed.

“How’s your home? How’s your health? How’s your happiness?” His voice is so calm and gentle in these moments.

I knew with instant revelation what he was talking about. My home is my family, my kids, my marriage and then everything associated with my house. My health is my spiritual and physical wellbeing, and my happiness is my overall joy in life.

These were three great questions, and I answered honestly.

My house is in a pretty good shape. We’ve had good times with the kids, I had a date on Friday, and while my house isn’t “deep clean”, our bedrooms are tidy and we are relatively caught up on laundry.

My health…hmm that’s a tough one. Physically, I’ve been worn out. These last couple month of figuring out my PMDD (read here) has been exhausting and I’m still building my body back up. Spiritually, I’m enjoying all you say, Lord. I’m excited about our relationship.

My happiness, or joy, is day-to-day depending simply on how much pressure I place on myself and how much margin I have in my schedule.

This little conversation with the Lord was so good and so proactive. He reminded me that I had felt that December needed to be focused on rest. I chose a book to enjoy and I’ve been watching extra shows in the evenings and fitting workouts into my schedule to strengthen myself.

I don’t want to quit. I don’t want to give up. If we are tired, we need to learn to rest. We need to learn to rest before we get too tired. When you live a life that aims to change the world, building rest into your routine is vital.

This world needs you healthy. The world needs us to have healthy homes, healthy bodies, healthy spirits and healthy hearts.

How are your H’s? 

May this be a restful December and joy filled Christmas! 


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