Hello Again

“I’ve worked so hard on this blog. Like 5 years. I feel this tug to lay it down for a year and not touch it. But I’m fighting it. What do you think?”

I text this to my sister after wrestling with whether or not to be obedient to the tug on my heart. I knew it was God. Some people have asked me how I know, and I can’t explain besides the fact that when you get to know someone really well, you know their voice. You can tell what they’re trying to say without having to spell it right out for.

She text back pretty quick, and simply said: “Monica. I know you. If God has told you to lay something down, you better not touch it because you are going to be picking up something even better than you could imagine.”

That was the final confirmation I needed to humble myself, risk losing the wonderful 400 people who faithfully followed my blog (I know, not really that impressive!) and say a brave yes to what God had in store for 2017.

One quick blog post can’t recount the miracles that took place this past year, or the incredible pain I walked through. Contending for God’s best in our lives is never easy. But it’s always worth it.

I finished that year unsure if I was going to restart my blog. But then I read Romans 12. Over and over and over again. I couldn’t get out of it. But the line that stood out to me, rolled around in my head constantly is found at the end of Romans 12:17.

“Plan your life around the noblest way to benefit others.”

The fire in my heart exploded again and I knew instantly I needed to write once more. There are many things I can be doing with my life, but I truthfully believe that transparency and opening my heart to you again will encourage others, and ultimately restore part of myself as I practice being brave again extending my story, fighting the fear of what others may think.

I have so much to share from my year on a break, and I know we will learn so much more together this year too.

So my friends, I say “Hello Again.” Welcome back to my virtual kitchen table. Welcome back to “Monica Switzer Blog”. Get ready to hear some wild stories, cry some real tears and laugh too, as we set out on an adventure to “plan our lives around the noblest way to benefit others.”

With gratitude,


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