Birthing A Dream

“I had a dream last night you were pregnant.” I was surprised by my husband’s unusual dream and the fact he even remembered it by morning.

“Well that sounds like a nightmare to me.” I joked back.

He went on, more insistent that this was a significant dream.

“No seriously, I had a dream you were pregnant and everyone was congratulating me and then a good friend of mine said this would be the toughest one to support you through yet. I really think it means something.”

“Well as long as it doesn’t mean a real baby, than I am open to it.” I said laughing.

That was early December 2016. I had a stirring in my heart that something was changing. Something was coming. I couldn’t see what it was but I could feel a shift was about to take place.

I read the verses in Luke 1:38 again and again. The ones where Mary just finds out she’s expecting Jesus and in a bold move of faith she says to the angel Gabriel

“This is amazing! I will be a mother for the Lord! As his servant I accept whatever he has for me. May everything you have told me come to pass.”

I accept what He has for me. May it all happen.

I declared it everywhere. In my sermons, my journals, my prayer walks.

My first trimester was here.

Then I went to a conference where I had an encounter that showed me I was called to start something in business. (That will be a story for another time.)

The days and weeks that followed were bursting with questions as the Lord showed me that he wanted me to start a “clothing store on a mission” in our town . I wrote in my journal on March 16:

“Thank you for teaching me that “big” for me is tiny for you. I’m going to have to hold that in my heart as I pursue business and this whole process. I know I am going to grow a long in confidence through this.”

We had officially entered the Second Trimester. I was finally “showing”. The news was out. Crazy or not, we were going to follow in obedience and start this store.

This is where the hard work began. And where we experienced the reality of this “pregnancy” being the hardest to get through together. I woke up at 4 am every morning to write my business plan in quiet before I went to work or stayed home with the kids. Andrew and I wrestled through finances, building plans, goals and the purpose.

As the dream got closer and closer to coming into the world, I became more and more difficult to be with. My brain was consumed with birthing this store.

July 2017 I told a friend I was so pregnant and uncomfortable with this dream I felt like I just needed it OUT. But the big push was still to come. Renovating our building and setting up shop. 


Opening day arrived almost 40 weeks to the day of that pregnancy dream my husband had. By this time we had forgotten about the dream and hadn’t kept track. It wasn’t until closing time on September 2nd that I realized the significance.

The shop was born. But the work was just beginning. We had entered the newborn stage. 

I could not have imagined when I was in that “dream pregnancy” what God was doing, what he was teaching me, what he was preparing us for.

I believe with all my heart that agreeing with God’s declarations over our lives lead to unlocking his goodness and grace in greater measure than we could ever imagine.

As I stare into 2018, I declare again “I accept whatever He has for me.” Big or small. Audacious or reasonable. Out of the box or right inside. I am his servant and I want every good and perfect thing that comes from above, every circumstance that pushes my roots deeper and every challenge that strengthens my faith.

May everything he is speaking over you, and me, come to pass. 

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