Becoming a Treasure Hunter

Out of all the lessons I barely began to learn in 2017, there is perhaps none greater than that of becoming a “Treasure Hunter”.

A man named Johnny Enlow (you might want to remember that name for future posts), spoke about becoming a treasure hunter at the conference I attended in February.

I saw this first hand in my life when we started to look for another house. We had put our much-loved, and only recently finished, house up for sale. By this time we knew that we were going to be starting the store.

I was still thinking small and I specifically was looking for a house that had an oversized garage or room to build one so that I could run my store right out of it.

We looked at every possible house remotely within our price range. So in our town, that was two, maybe four if we were approved higher than we expected!

I was pretty discouraged about the choices but one in particular stood out as the right choice on so many levels. It was a corner lot with room to build a big garage and close enough to the school my kids could just walk over for lunch every day.

It seemed perfect.

There was another house we looked at. Instantly I hated it. As we left that day I told my husband “I don’t know what it is but I just have a bad feeling about it.” 

What I thought was a deep intuition, turned out to just be plain dislike.

I walked by the house we wanted every day and asked God to save it for us until we sold our house.

The day after we got a firm offer on our house, just days before we felt we’d be in a place to make an offer, my realtor called and told me the house had sold.

I remember where I was standing in the bread isle of our local Co-op, my hand shaking and trying to fight back tears.

It was the only real option and now our house had sold.

To say my heart was broken was an understatement. I should have been experienced enough now with buying and selling houses to not get attached until it’s a done deal, but in my mind that one was perfect. I had renovated it in my head, imagined exactly how I’d set it up and just what I’d make for all those hot lunches at home.

Time went on. We sold our house and the dates all lined up for exactly when my mom was moving away and we were able to rent her house so we weren’t stranded.

We tried to be patient for something else to pop up. We looked at other houses. Finally, I knew we had to look at the house I hated.

When I told my husband what I was feeling, he just laughed, since that was the house he had felt was the most sensible all along.

I don’t really like sensible.

I knew every single thing I disliked about that house. I memorized them all and had purposed in my heart to never go back and look at it again after our first visit.

Andrew knew I must be desperate, and I was.

By this point we had renovated a space on Main Street, opened up shop and sent the kids back to school. It felt like the last chance to move before the snow.

The morning that we went to see the house I hated again, I remembered that I had committed to becoming a Treasure Hunter.

I prayed with all my heart:

“Lord, illuminate the treasure to me in this house. If this is your plan I want to see the good and move forward in faith.”

We pulled into the driveway and instantly everything felt different from when we had been there before. Even the yard looked much bigger than I had remembered!

While walking through the house it was like I saw gold shining all over it. The vision flowed for how it could look and the renovation didn’t seem as daunting.

We felt full of peace that this was our home. We wouldn’t just walk into it and enjoy it the way it was, but we could see the treasure of what it could be.

There were two others guys who learned about being treasure hunters. Their names were Joshua and Caleb. If you’re familiar with the bible you probably know about them.

God had given the Israelites a land and told them that it was good. But a group of twelve went to scope it out.

Ten of them were just like me when I looked at our house the first time. They just saw a long list of problems and issues that felt overwhelming to face. They reported back to their people that the job was just too big, and it was all just too hard.

Joshua and Caleb came back with a different report.

They said to all the people of Israel, “The land we traveled through and explored is a wonderful land! And if the Lord is pleased with us, he will bring us safely into that land and give it to us. It is a rich land flowing with milk and honey.
(Numbers 14:7 & 8 NLT)

They saw the treasure! The good in that place and they knew that if God was for them, he would help them get there!

I’d love to say that my house has cemented this lesson deep into my heart, but the truth is I’m fighting everyday to be a treasure hunter. My eyes have been trained to see the danger, the fear, the possibility of what could go wrong and I have a strong self preservation instinct.IMG_1482


(More has been done since this picture, but you get the idea!)

But what seems impossible to us humans, God laughs at and reminds us that with Him nothing is impossible. The more I experience this, the braver I get.

I pray today that God will illuminate the treasure in whatever unsettling or even terrifying situation is staring you in the face and that you move forward in the confidence of faith, knowing that if God is for you, nothing can be against you!

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