On The Other Side Of Diapers

When I was pregnant with my third baby I remember the intense urgency I had to get my firstborn fully potty trained. We had moments of success but we were far from saying that we had officially potty trained him. My soon to be middle child was barely going to be eighteen months old and I knew I only wanted two kids in diapers at the same time, NOT three.

Baby number three arrived and during the day time we were down to just two in diapers, and that felt like such a relief.

It seemed like our days consisted of poop, pee and analyzing both of those things for each kid. Changing a newborn, changing a toddler and rushing a preschooler to make it to the potty on time.

In fact besides eating, I’d say everything in our lives revolved around the “number one” and “number two” issues of life.

It felt like an outrageously big ordeal to go get groceries. (Ok well it actually still does if I take all three.) But really, to time it all just right that everyone ate, had clean diapers or had just gone potty so we didn’t have a major bathroom event seemed so big and so daunting.

Sometime this past year that newborn, now over three, potty trained himself. I don’t even really remember when it was (last baby problems), but it just kind of happened.

This massive victory came to us almost completely unrecognized until one night I went to find a diaper wipe to clean something off my son and realized we didn’t have any. I was kind of annoyed.

“Where are all the diapers wipes!?” I demanded to know.

“We don’t have any, I don’t think we’ve bought any diapers in over a month!” my husband answered with some excitement.

WOW! That’s a big deal! That’s a lot of savings! This was a huge milestone for us. We were on the other side of diapers and we hadn’t even celebrated it!

I find this is the case with so many areas of my life. Some issue consumes me for so long and then it’s suddenly finished with and I don’t even take a moment to celebrate that I won that battle.

This past week I was overwhelmed with some things with our store and wondering how I was going to get certain items restocked in time for Valentines Day.

I was really worked up about it and started ranting to my husband about how I don’t want our reputation to be that of a sold out, under stocked shop that never has what you need. (For the record, it’s not good to talk to me about anything remotely serious after 8 pm, it will only end in over tired tears!)

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” My husband slowed me down.

“I get what you’re saying, but can I just remind you that months ago you were crying and stressed that no one would come in to your store and shop and what if we were risking so much for nothing! And now you’re selling out!? That’s a big win! Yes we need to solve some stock issues, but wow, babe, you’re doing a great job!”

Because I get more stubborn when I’m over tired, I unfortunately didn’t melt into a pile of appreciation over his deep encouragement right then, but I did the next day! (He knew he would celebrate that win eventually!)

It’s so important that when we find ourselves getting caught up in the intensity of life that we can celebrate the steps we’ve taken, the difficulties we’ve overcome and the challenges we’ve rose above, or even just survived!

I want to be one who can do that for myself, not simply fall apart and need someone to remind me that’s things are ok (although, who doesn’t appreciate that?).

I also want to be one that is so able to see the treasure in another that if they are the one needing to be celebrated, I can whip out a mental list of things they’re doing well!

How about you? Do you need to take a moment to celebrate something you’ve come through? Maybe you don’t even realize it, just like I almost missed the fact that we were on the other side of diapers!

You’re doing a great job and if no one else tells you, let me be the one to say, take a moment and don’t let a victory, big or small, go uncelebrated!


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