Can I save you some time? (Here’s some books you can order from the library and read with your kids!)

IMG_9070Reading has always been a big part of my life and a part of our little family. My own parents instilled a love of reading through many different ways. I remember laying on my mom’s bed in the afternoon while she read a book like “Milly Molly Mandy” out-loud to us. Or in the evening reading the Little House On The Prairie series or a classic like Wind in the Willows as a family before bed.

Those were some of my most favourite memories and my absolute favourite part about being homeschooled as a child. We devoured books. A good story was guaranteed to spark the imagination of four young girls ready to act out an adventure.

As much as reading was a priority with my own kids, last year I felt time was always against me. Getting to the library was challenging with my work schedule and reading the same old books became boring and our stories were relegated to the few the kids pressured me to read in the mornings and then at bedtime.

For me this became a red flag that my life has too full and I needed more margin. But that’s not what I’m here to write about today (I will leave that for another time!).

Now that I’m homeschooling I read an absolutely ridiculous amount of books with my children, and I love every moment of it because I have dedicated a good amount of time to choosing great books. IMG_8807

But truthfully, it’s quite time-consuming.

I was thinking today that it might be nice for some of you busy parents to see my favourites from each week so that I can save you some time and you can go straight your local library and pick them out. No sense both of us spending a crazy amount of time on it!?

This isn’t just for parents. I’ve met a grandparents who pick out books from the library to read with their grandchildren at home and my own sister always gives my kids a story with a special note on the inside cover. Reading is a great way for anyone to form a special bond with a child in their life!

Here’s my tip to save time at the library: I order all of my books online. We still go to the library once a week but I find that it frees me up to be present to read to the kids, help them start an activity or keep my youngest entertained so that the older two get the amount of time there that they really want. Or if we can’t make it, I’m still guaranteed to have new recruits coming in every Friday morning!

Our family has fallen in love with old stories. They are completely unpredictable and sometimes the oddest things happen! But they never fail to pull at our hearts, teach us a lesson and make us laugh.

Now that my daughter is flying through “Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons” and I suddenly almost have a second reader on my hands, I want to continue to prioritize cultivating a love of reading more than anything. Not just so they will read great stories all the time, which does have value, but because they will be more apt to enjoy learning when the struggle of whether or not they want to read is out of the way. IMG_8957

And if I’m completely honest, the chances of them reading their bibles of their own accord and seeking out meaningful devotion books are much higher when they are confident readers. Even in something as basic as reading, we are sowing into their spiritual lives.img_9299.jpg

So who’s willing to say if they are interested in this? Would you like to hear what books we are reading every week and you can skip the research phase, order the books in a click and pick them up between hockey and dance? Let me know in the comments if you think this will be helpful to you!

Here are my favourite five from last week (and number one will be from today because it was just that good!).

  1. Kermit the Hermit, By Bill Peet
    A crusty old crab goes to great lengths to bless the boy who saved his life from a dog. I had to choke back tears at the end of this one! kermit the hermit
  2. Apple Pie For Dinner, retold by Susan VanHecke
    Granny Smith wants to make a pie but all she has is plums! This story tells beautifully that by giving generously of what you have, what you need will come to you. (note: This went along beautifully with our Five In A Row book “How To Make An Apple Pie and See The World”, if you happen to be interested in the material we are using.)
    apple pie for dinner
  3. Nora’s Ark, By Natalie Kinsey-Warnock 
    In the Vermont Flood of 1927 a family opens their home to a variety of people and creatures and learn the ones you love are more important any thing, or flooring.
    Nora's Ark
  4. Follow that map, By Scot Ritchie
    A fun and engaging way to learn basic map skills that includes an interactive story where you help find the children’s lost puppy!
    follow that map
  5.  Mousetronaut, by Mark Kelly 
    A tiny mouse gets to go to space, and just might save the mission! We are currently reading as many inspiring and exciting stories about space as we can right now as my daughter is very eager to become an astronaut!

Maybe you can save ME some time! What books are your kids loving?


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