Library Day (Hip-Hip-Hooray)

“You can find magic wherever you look.  

Sit back and relax all you need is a book!”  – Dr. Seuss

I wrote a song for my kids for Library Day. It started out with them rolling their eyes and has turned into the first thing they hum when they open their eyes on Thursday mornings (well maybe not quite that extreme).

It’s Library Day, Hip-Hip-Hooray! So let’s get on our way! Cuz it’s library day, every Thursday! 

Then I generally add a tag of “having fun isn’t hard, when you’ve got a library card!”

PLEASE tell me you know that Arthur song from the mid nineties?

Yep, I’m a coooooool mom.

IMG_9458In preparation for library day tomorrow (and to inform you that these gems will be coming to our local library if you’re from around my town), I’m going to share our four favourites from this last week.

Choosing four is hard. We take out an average of 40 books a week, so this is really narrowing it down!

You’ll be able to tell we’ve learning about the ocean the last couple of weeks, but themes like responsibility and geographical locations like New England have also been at the fore front.


1. The Specific Ocean – By Kyo Maclear, Illustrated by Katty Maurey
This book threw me off at first because the little girl didn’t want to leave the city and go to ocean. What!? This confused my inner beach child who was practically raised at the Pacific Ocean until we moved to the prairies when I was thirteen. I soon realized my own kids were skeptical of the wonders of the ocean, having never experienced it themselves. As we see the girl embrace the ocean and grieve having to go home, we see the beauty in trying new things and letting go.

2. The Boy and the Ocean – By Max Lucado, Illustrated by J. Lively Huharty
This is a beautiful story of a boy beginning to understand how vast God’s love is for him as he stares at the immensity of the ocean. With his parents by his side, he catches a glimpse of the massive and unmeasurable love of God.

3. Nanette’s Baguette’s – Words & Pictures by Mo Willems
This was a big time favourite for us! This unique rhyme exposed us to a more words ending in -ette than I could have imagined! Nanette’s experience also opens the door to a great conversation with children’s about responsibility and owning up to their mistakes. It was also a good reminder to me as a mom about how intense it is to tell your parents the truth when you know you could get in trouble and to extend some great grace to these little people!

4. One Morning in Maine – Words & Pictures by Robert McCloskey
Set by the sea in Maine we meet a sweet little girl named Sal who has a loose tooth. This was a timely story for us as my oldest just lost his third tooth, but first top tooth. IMG_9437McCloskey’s beautiful charcoal drawings keep my kids enthralled and the interesting details, like their boat ride for groceries, keeps everyone engaged. This is our third Robert McCloskey book and we are officially big fans of his! My five year old daughter felt it was important that I note that this book is a winner of the Caldecott Honour. She loves reading books that have won awards! This story inspired us to have clam chowder, a first for my kiddos, who all loved it!


All of these books can be ordered through the library! A few clicks and you can pick them up and take them home to enjoy as a family or with a child in your life!

What books are your kids enjoying?

Happy Reading,



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