A BRAVE YES: Pre-Orders + Cover Reveal!

A Brave Yes Pre-Order Christmas GraphicI can’t believe this moment has come! Today I get to reveal my book cover to you!

To be honest, this was one of the most agonizing processes. It’s so hard finding the right look that represents you, your message and will get the attention of readers!

When I officially confirmed the cover, I text some of my family and said “I said yes to the cover (which was much harder than saying yes to the dress)!”

Honestly, way harder than naming a child, picking a wedding dress, or for me, even choosing a spouse 😂

I’m heavy in the editing stage with lots of changes to review and a tight timeline with Christmas and family wedding hot on my heels, so having my cover confirmed has been the boost I needed to get up and get working!

A Brave Yes is about my personal journey in learning to say yes to God, no matter what. It includes many stories and raw moments leading up to our grand opening at my shop, pivotal moments in my life (including some intense birth stories), and deals with the burn out I went through. It’s my heart dumped out on paper and drenched with the hope that’s been poured out over me.

Here’s some back story to my book being published.

After opening the store, I had a message burning in my heart about saying yes to God (obviously, a brave yes!). My sister, Nicole, felt it on her heart to pray that I would have the courage to write. I started waking up early in the morning to get my heart typed out. When I told her that, she said she had been praying that God would wake me up! Not so nice there, sister! 

But really, she was the push I needed, in the physical and the spiritual.

My sister Emma works at a church and received an email about the Women’s Journey of Faith Publishing Contest and sent it to me. The deadline was very close and I had only just started writing. My instinct was to throw it out of my head, but my husband felt deeply that it was a “kairos moment” (divine favour meeting divine opportunity). We prayed together and decided I would give it a try.

I worked really hard and finished my book a week before the deadline. I sent it in about a month before we got our initial call for adoption.

Sitting in our Air B-N-B in Nunavut, the evening before the baby was born, I received a call from Word Alive Press and they were letting me know I was a top finalist in the contest and I had a won a prize of credit toward publishing with them.

I was elated. Two dreams were going to come true within the matter of days. I would finally adopt a baby and have a book published. I could hardly wait to start writing the next one.

Then, well, you know the story. Things fell through with the baby. 

I decided I couldn’t publish the book. I had given God my yes and my heart had been broken. How could I encourage others to do the same? For what? To be left sick to their stomach’s, endlessly weeping and with all their renovation (or whatever else) money spent?

I had to give the publisher my answer soon after coming home. I ignored it for a bit. Then one morning I opened my computer and began reading.

I read and wept and read and wept. My story was healing my heart. This was not a story of saying yes and everything going smooth as can be. I forgot how deeply I had poured my heart into these pages.

By the end of the second day of reading I told Andrew I believed I still needed to publish (he had never changed in his feeling that I should).

“I don’t know if I went to all that work to write down my story just so that I’d have hope in the middle of this one, but I need to follow through on it.” I said.

The morning I was supposed to sign the publishing contract, a big piece was missing: the finances (anyone else seem to have the roadblock a lot? ha!). 

A few hours later we opened an envelope from a couple with the exact amount of money for the down payment on my book. They didn’t know us well, what our need was, or our timeline.

Andrew and I looked at each other, knowing this was a final confirmation to step out because God would be with us.

What a journey this faith life is. Full of ups and downs, joys and heartaches. We don’t see the big picture. God is redeeming and working all the time. For our good, and his glory.

Are you ready to see the cover? Here it is:

a brave yes HR

I LOVE the fog in this picture. It completely encapsulates how I feel when I step out with my brave yes every single time. I can see the vague beauty of what God could do, but truthfully have no idea what will happen!

I hope and pray that lives will be transformed through the message in this book. That where you’ve felt stuck you will feel released. Where you’ve felt discouraged, you will find hope. Where you’ve given up on God, you’ll see his power at work again.

I turn the big 3 – 0 at the end of this month and I’d love to see thirty pre-orders between now and the end of December. Right now I’m offering a special price of $15 for the book AND a discounted $10 shipping!

If you choose to pre-order this book as a Christmas gift, I will email you a printable that you can put in a card or in a stocking, letting the recipient know that early 2019 will be bringing them a new book!

ALSO: If you live in Saskatchewan there is a good chance I can get your book to you WITHOUT shipping! So feel free to just pay without shipping and then if we can’t get it figured out to have it delivered to you, we can ship it. There’s time to figure that out! 

All you have to do is e-transfer to abraveyes@gmail.com, message the password via email or Facebook message to my page and I will get in touch with you for your mailing address (if shipping is necessary), a receipt and a printable (if it’s for a gift).

So plain and simple:

Option 1:

E-transfer $15, pick up or we will get it dropped off when book arrives.

Option 2:

E-transfer $25, book will be shipped when it arrives.

I want to thank you in advance for ordering your copy through me personally. Word Alive Press has it set up that if I can sell my “author copies” myself, it funds a majority of the publishing process. It’s a huge help to me and my family when you order them from me directly!

Thank you for walking this journey with me! I’ve felt incredibly loved and supported by you all!

Many blessings on your Christmas season,



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