I don’t need another goal this year, I just need more grace.

Can I be honest? I’m a little overwhelmed by all of the new years “stuff” that’s floating around right now.

It wasn’t too many years ago that I sat with my husband in our living room taking an online goal setting course just before the New Year (or maybe it was just after, I can’t quite remember.)

We set some big goals and we did some great things that year. There was definite synergy in our decision to pursue growth together. We made some wise investments and worked hard.

I love goal setting, I love productivity and I love crossing goals off my list almost more than anything.

But things feel a little different this year.

And while I felt that it might just be me, I also felt compelled to write to the one who is exhausted or perhaps even pushed to the brink of tears seeing every single new year, new goal, new life post this week.img_9912

Because here is the thing with where I’m at in my life right now: I don’t need one more thing to do. I don’t need one more thing to cram into my schedule. I don’t need another expectation on my shoulders. I need more grace.

I need more grace for myself.

I need more grace for others.

Don’t misunderstand me. I work out, I dream big and I have lots of things that I still want to accomplish with my life.

But I’m feeling tired. 

And you know what? Chances are you might be too.

I walk into so many places in life and you know what I see? Exhausted, worn out, run down people trying to keep up. And while some of the goals being tossed around might help you be more prioritized or perhaps your goal is to finally prioritize, I think an extra helping of grace would serve us all incredibly well.

Grace is unmerited favour. And it flows freely from God, but have you offered it to yourself from yourself?

I’ve been the queen of getting up inhumanely early to pound out projects. And for certain seasons that honestly was the only possible time I could do it. And when I have to hit a deadline I know it’s going to be an early morning over a late night. But I can’t do that all the time. When I started homeschooling I realized the last thing my kids need is a worn out mom by 2 p.m.

Here’s what I’m saying: It’s ok to be at peace with your season.

That’s my big “now I’m THIRTY” life revelation. I spent my twenties learning that it’s ok to look at your life and say “now is not the time.”

It’s ok to say, “that was then and this is now.” Life changes. Seasons change.

If this is your go time, then, girl, we are cheering you on! Keep inspiring us and don’t give up on giving your best yes to everything that God’s got for you!

But if you need a break, give yourself one. Pace yourself. You don’t have to do everything all at once. If God is asking you to choose rest, please don’t feel shame. I get it, I have felt the weight of guilt that came from recognizing I’m not actually Wonder Woman. I didn’t leave my house for days when we announced my shop was closing. The shame is real and it can be debilitating if we don’t acknowledge what’s happening.

In the long-term, everything will thank you for choosing rest.

If you still need something to run toward pick a focus area.

This year, I want a better marriage. Plain and simple. How am I getting there? Honestly, I don’t know. Last year I wanted a better relationship with my kids and I just became consciously aware of what the Holy Spirit was speaking to me and gave him my yes and he did a miracle. Right now, that’s my plan with my marriage. On January 1st we had an unexpected 24 hours together while my mom took our kids. All I could breathe out was: God, you’re good to make a way. And I know he will continue to as I surrender my will to him.

If there is one thing I hope you give yourself this year it’s not an unattainable work out schedule or a list of experiences to check off. It’s grace to be ok with the fact that we are constantly growing and the date of the year doesn’t suddenly increase the pressure to change faster.

Life is a process and God who began the good work in you is going to finish it. Whether its January or July. He’s got it. Listen to him. Give him your yes. Say no when He leads. Rest in his whispers. Resign from a committee. Eat a frozen pizza at least once a week (well, maybe cook it first!).

You are enough. You are brave to make the right choices. You are powerful to choose peace. You have the vision to see the best is yet to come.

Happy 2019. May this be the most peace-filled year yet.


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