About Monica

I’m a part time stay at home mom to three beautiful kids, and co-lead pastor with my incredible husband of a church in a small town. I am literally living my dream, getting to do a mixture of everything I have ever wanted to.


I adore my children, and I think they are the cutest. Caleb is almost four, Amayah is almost 2 and Eli is our newest addition was born October 28th, 2014.


Andrew & I were married on June 5th, 2010 and life has been a non stop adventure ever since. I am so blessed to have a husband who pursues what God has for our family, serves Him wholeheartedly and values my call as well. We have bravely stepped out to parent and pastor together, creating a unique meshing of family and ministry, and a somewhat odd schedule!




2 thoughts on “About Monica

  1. i haven’t know you for long but i believe that you have a lot to give . All you have been through was for a purpose which is big very big and i pray that through this blog others both men and women will be encouraged to seek after the things of God and also to see every day and its experiences as being part of the journey to change and discovering Gods purpose through Jesus Christ.God bless you and your young and beautiful family xxx

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