About Monica


I am a young (if 29 still counts as young?) wife, mom, ordained minister, business owner, homeschooler and passionate lover of Jesus Christ.

As a Canadian pastoral family, we choose to see ourselves as local missionaries, living out our faith in every area of our life, church and community.

I began writing this blog in September in 2011. It started out as a way to process the shock of entering into the world of motherhood and it evolved into so much more for me personally. I took a blogging sabbatical in 2017 because the Lord told me he had something else I needed to focus on.

During that year, we opened up Tabitha’s Closet, a clothing store in my hometown with the goal of extending beauty and grace first locally and then globally. Tabitha's Closet Exterior


opening day


During that time, God taught me so much about giving him my brave yes, trusting Him completely when he whispers something to my heart and going deep in my intimacy with Him. I began a journey of committing to give him my yes, every day, no matter how crazy it seemed. If he spoke it, I would believe it AND act on it.


This series of brave yeses have led me to press pause on vocational ministry for now and homeschool my children (who are now 7, 5 and 3 and a half), lead my business and write a book. I’m hoping to announce soon that it’s out! You can watch for details here.

It has been a wild ride, one that is marked by the supernatural peace that comes from giving the details over to the One who has all your best interests in mind.

When I’m not working or homeschooling, you can find me watching my kids play sports, drinking tea, dreaming of new ideas, drinking coffee, looking at houses to flip with my carpenter/pastor/husband, baking in my kitchen or singing and dancing to what worship song currently has my heart (and if it’s a really great day, I might be doing all these things at once!!). drinking coffee.jpg

I’m so happy to have you along on this great adventure of faith!


Andrew & I just recently celebrated out eighth anniversary!
I really hit the husband jackpot with this man!

2 thoughts on “About Monica

  1. i haven’t know you for long but i believe that you have a lot to give . All you have been through was for a purpose which is big very big and i pray that through this blog others both men and women will be encouraged to seek after the things of God and also to see every day and its experiences as being part of the journey to change and discovering Gods purpose through Jesus Christ.God bless you and your young and beautiful family xxx

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